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How to Chop an Onion

How to chop an onion?  I know a lot of people don’t like to chop onions.  They cause you tears and are very hard to cut.  I can show you how to cut onions quickly, easily and for the most part, without tears. In other words, it’ll make cooking more enjoyable.

Okay, let’s begin.  First, you need a sharp knife. Most of the time, our knives aren’t sharp enough.  When your knife isn’t sharp, it’ll cause your onion to spread apart, (thus releasing more fumes) which irritates the eyes and causes tearing.

So we must learn to cut properly, meaning keeping the onion stable while protecting our fingers.  For starters, you should know that you don’t have to cut the roots of an onion because when an onion is cut and fumes are released, your eyes will tear.

We will begin by cutting the onion right down the middle, creating 2 halves.  We will cut each half at a time.  Use your 3 middle fingers, one in front and 2 behind so the finger in front can guide the knife.


How to Cut an Onion


Then, try to cut the onion as close to the root as possible and push the onion back together to keep the onion stable.  Next, use the knife to cut halfway into the onion (from top to bottom).


How to Cut an Onion-vertic


Next, cut halfway into the onion again, this time from top to the middle (where you had just cut a moment ago).


onions-dice- horizontal


Lastly, rotate the onion and slice vertically down through the onion.


diced onion


Repeat this same process with the other half of the onion.


Here’s a related video:





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